CHVRCHES & Wednesday Campanella Join For Fun 'Out Of My Head'

CHVRCHES are the unquestioned kings and queen of synthpop, and when they join forces with other artists, you know a storm is coming. In this case, a fun one has come: CHVRCHES and Wednesday Campanella join for the fun 'Out Of My Head' collaboration, a sweet and energetic track that bursts with life.

Wednesday Campanella is an up and coming Japanese electronic group whose dynamic fits comfortably with CHVRCHES. 'Out Of My Head' begins loud and proud with a thick bass and guitar supporting the cheerful synth line, something you don't hear often in CHVRCHES music. Though synths dominate the track, the addition of guitars is definitely heard and very welcome. The band already experimented and continue to highlight live drums in their latest record Love Is Dead, and it works very well here as well. Wednesday Campanella offer that and more, the verses of the song sung in Japanese to add some flavor to the track, before Lauren Mayberry's anthemic vocals come in to shout: "And when you've figured it out, you let me know / I need out of my, out of my, out of my head." In similar fashion to 'Get Out,' this track has a pretty anthemic, take-yourself-back sort of vibe, though rather than taking themselves back it seems more like they're trying to escape themselves. The song maintains its anthemic presence right to the end, whre Wednesday Campanella take over to bring it out big and heavy with a nice instrumental part.

CHVRCHES and Wednesday Campanella join for the fun 'Out Of My Head,' a sweet and energetic track that continues to show that CHVRCHES is a whole new beast with live instrumentation. It's a great collaboration that adds a lot of subtle dynamics into the mix to make it a unique song, and the more CHVRCHES music we get, the better.

Rating: 86 / 100

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