Hozier Returns With Soulful New EP "Nina Cried Power"

Every one will remember Hozier‘s breakout single ‘Take Me To Church,’ but since the success of his last record he’s been quite quiet. He’s been working hard at his next effort, however, and his newest music shows that he’s back and better than before. Hozier returns with a soulful new EP Nina Cried Power, diving further into his soulful influences and delivering something powerful.

Though short, Nina Cried Power doesn’t waste a single second. Title track ‘Nina Cried Power’ opens the record powerfully, Hozier’s great vocals and brooding melodies pairing perfectly with Mavis Staples‘ powerful, bluesy vocals and the huge choir paying tribute to those who delivered the message of power prior. ‘NFWMB‘ follows up with a more aggressive and personal message as Hozier asserts, “no one fucks with my babe” above the dark atmosphere. ‘Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)‘ returns with the blues rock vibes as he moves more into a jamming track, before ‘Shrike‘ ends on a folky, more personal note.

Hozier returns with a soulful new EP Nina Cried Power, building deeper upon the foundations of his debut and further exploring his bluesy influences. It’s a brilliant continuation to one of pop’s most intriguing and inspired artists, and whatever follows next will certainly only continue to impress.

Favorite Tracks: Nina Cried Power, Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)

Least Favorite Track: NFWMB

Rating: 86 / 100

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