Moby Dives Deep Into Sensual Electronics In "Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt"

An electronic artist has a lot of potential to make the most out of nothing. It's in the drawing out of those minimal textures that can really make something powerful, or it can be the layering of many sounds to make something euphoric. Moby dives deep into sensual electronics in Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt, returning to an electronic soundscape to make something a bit more atmospheric.

Moby never stays by one sound for too long, but he knows what to do with each and every one he tackles. While everything on Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt isn't necessarily new territory for him, Moby does what he can to constantly make the most out of the least. 'Mere Anarchy' brings the album to an intriguing start with its hypnotic intro. The drive of the track is great, carrying it nicely ahead. Following track 'The Waste Of Suns' is very pretty, an aesthetic channeled later on in the album in 'The Tired and The Hurt' and 'The Middle Is Gone,' as well as the enchanting pianos of 'Falling Rain and Light.'

Moby makes sure to keep things varied as well. Closing track 'A Dark Cloud Is Coming' has some jazzy textures to it to add to the end of the album's moodiness, also accented by songs like the mysterious 'The Sorrow Tree.' There's a section of the record that's simply just haunting, starting with 'Like A Motherless Child.' There's something in that sentiment that's eerie, and the house-like production adds to that emptiness. 'The Last Of Goodbyes' follows the trend. Some tracks foil each other back to back, like the peaceful sounds of 'The Tired and The Hurt' that precede the dark, minimal 'Welcome To Hard Times.' Moby is a man who doesn't like to tread on one idea for too long; he'll keep a general idea and go wild from there.

Moby dives deep into sensual electronics in Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt, keeping each song unique and his sound even more so. There's a lot of variety under one umbrella on this album, showcasing Moby's sly and creative mind.

Favorite Tracks: The Middle Is Gone, Mere Anarchy

Least Favorite Track: This Wild Darkness

Rating: 76 / 100

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