Mackenzie Nicole Takes A Dull Path In "The Edge"

Every so often you'll come across an up and coming pop star that only does the bare minimum to keep an agreeable sound going. The newest contender: Mackenzie Nicole. With a lack of emotion and originality, Mackenzie Nicole takes a dull path in The Edge and fails to really make a splash.

For what it's worth, there are a few solid moments on The Edge that at least show potential. Opening track 'One More' is nice and dark, with great melodies to pair, even if the meaning of the song seems kind of lost; what is she trying to say, that she wants more fame or that one person is all she needs? It doesn't really sit well lyrically, but melodically it's quite pleasing. 'Thank You' is all around more inviting, Nicole adopting an instrumental that sounds like The Weeknd and even tries to deliver like him, and does pretty well.

Other than those two songs, The Edge is really dull. Right at the second song 'Work Me Out,' you're already asking for something more. 'Back To You' kicks it down a notch, sinking down to bare minimum along with a dull delivery, which is something she struggles with throughout the album. There is almost no emotion in her voice, bringing down songs like 'Fix Me.' On top of that, every song sort of sounds the same - 'Not You' is pretty much the same song as 'Fix Me.' There's no merit to any of the music here; it's the definition of produced-for-the-radio pop.

Mackenzie Nicole takes a dull path in The Edge, failing to add any feeling into her music. The entire album feels like it rips itself off, and has no niches to at least make it interesting: it's the bare minimum necessary to be considered average. There are moments which show promise, but not enough to save this album, unfortunately.

Favorite Track: Thank You

Least Favorite Tracks: Not You, Back To You

Rating: 53 / 100

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