ionnalee Keeps Her Sound Unique In "Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten"

Indie pop is a broad genre now, and it's important to keep a unique voice to not get buried in the noise of the genre. ionnaless keeps her sound unique in Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten, making sure to deliver something interesting, impactful, and more of all, memorable. 

ionnalee, better known as Jonna Lee of indie outfit iamamiwhoami, always maintains a pretty sound, whether it be focussed on a specific aesthetic or just staying true to herself. On Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten, there's a bit of both. There's an intense side to the record and a cooler side to it, both of which are fairly evenly balanced. There's a lot of darkness in tracks like 'Work,' which moves with purpose, and 'Memento,' where Barbelle's male timbre helps add an oddly sensual tone to the song. When those dark sounds hit, it hits pretty hard, the bass huge and the vocals eerie.

The cooler side of the album has a lot of 80s influence, mixing in some mystery as it goes. There's something barren and empty in 'Dunes Of Sand,' ionnalee and Jamie Irrepressible really capturing a desert soundscape, complete by being devoid of anything but the wind. 'Samaritan' has a old-school vibe right down to the sample it uses to start, while songs like 'Not Human' and 'Gone' really get down with the groove by incorporating 80s synths and drive into the mix. ionnalee doesn't go for a specific aesthetic but captures a lot of them within the album and combines them flawlessly.

ionnalee keeps her sound unique in Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten, making sure she stands our in a genre with so much noise. From iamamiwhoami to her solo career, her music really stays true to herself, and when she sets her sights on something, she's bound to achieve it.

Favorite Tracks: Gone, Memento, Not Human

Least Favorite Track: Dunes Of Sand

Rating: 75 / 100

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