Tyga Tries Hard But Doesn't Hit The Mark In "Kyoto"

If there was ever an album cover that was simultaneously intriguing and awful, it's the cover of Tyga's new album. Just like the cover, the music itself it just as deceiving. Tyga tries hard but doesn't hit the mark in Kyoto, masking thin hip-hop with incessant repetitiveness.

Kyoto starts off deceptively different. The beat of 'Temperature' is nice and flowing, while Tyga's delivery itself is also pretty solid. It's a great introduction to the album, establishing a sound and is definitively different from a lot of other sounds in hip-hop. 'Leather In The Rain' follows it, sensual just like the former track and while not quite as impactful (given that it really just uses the same formula), but all the same it carries the record forward nicely.

And from there, it's downhill. The rest of the album is genuinely the same song, done worse and worse with each iteration. It's the same smooth beat with the same sensual delivery, and by the time you get to 'King Of The Jungle' you really can't take much away from the album. It's all inoffensive but everything is the same; nothing stands out after that initial hit. You can tell the inspiration dies out as the album progresses, from the unnecessary and cringey DJ Khaled reference and sample in 'Hard2Look' to the fact it feels like he was looking at RhymeZone for the lyrics in 'Faithful.' Kyoto falls off quickly and hard, and never recovers; it just keeps falling. It was clear that was no recovering when he tries his best to be Drake in 'Train 4 This.' 

Tyga tries hard but doesn't hit the mark in Kyoto, beating a great idea to the ground and killing it before it had a chance to breathe. It's lazy and uninspired, and all you can really take away from it is that RhymeZone definitely has rhymes for words that end in "-tion."

Favorite Track: Temperature

Least Favorite Tracks: Faithful, Hard2Look

Rating: 48 / 100

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