Beerjacket Tells His Tales In "Silver Cords"

A benefit that comes with music is the ability to tell your story. An artist’s music comes from their ideas and their experiences, and getting to hear those experiences head on give you a taste of who the artist really is. Beerjacket tells his tales in Silver Cords, his subtle yet deep new record that really dives into the center of who he is.

Beerjacket really establishes an intimate presence within the album in oder to form a nice connection with his listeners. Opening track ‘Nervous‘ brings the record to an honest start, the simple folky track offering a pretty intimate and slow start to the record. That pace is kept up by ‘Forest,’ a sweeter track that still keeps that personal presence alive. Beerjacket has a softness to him that invites a relationship with the listener, especially evident in tracks like ‘Cord‘ and ‘Pillow.’

In addition to being inviting, Beerjacket has a dynamic character to him. Closing track ‘Tiny Graces‘ tells a tale with the demeanor of a hundred year-old soul. That broken down nature is shown in tracks like ‘Grey Areas.’ which is a bit repetitive but does tell a pretty emotional message. Meanwhile, the sweetness of tracks like ‘Hopen' show the more optimistic side of Beerjacket as he sings with more love and hope.

Beerjacket tells his tales in Silver Cords, building a picture of who he really is through the personal stories of his tracks. It’s like peering into his mind and digging through the chaos to find the keys of what makes him who he is: all done within the span of a record.

Favorite Track: Tiny Graces

Least Favorite Track: Buttons

Rating: 71 / 100

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