Swearin' Keeps Their Cool In "Fall Into The Sun"

It’s hard to keep composure up when it seems like everything’s going wrong, yet sometimes you just have to pick your head up and keep moving forward. Swearin’ keeps their cool in Fall Into The Sun as they face every day struggles with a confident face.

Swearin’ has nothing to hide in Fall Into The Sun, and they really let their minds roam free. The chill, honest starting track ‘Big Change‘ really sets the tone for the rest of the album, which follows with a similar sort of drive to it. ‘Dogpile‘ follows up with distinctly chill vibes but a bit more drive, which is moving in top form on the following song ‘Grow Into A Ghost.’ With distorted guitars and a good drive, Swearin’ carry on moving forward through their problems and the record.

It’s not all just warm, strong moments on Fall Into The Sun, though. Swearin’ lets their uncertainty peak through at times, showing that they’re not just some unstoppable forces ready to take on the world. Tracks like ‘Stabilize‘ with its sweet melodies yet stressed delivery showing that their strong demeanors aren’t completely bulletproof. The dejected ‘Anyway‘ towards the album seems to submit to these hits before closing track ‘Future Hell‘ takes the record out on a warmer note, leaving things off on a positive vibe.

Swearin’ keeps their cool in Fall Into The Sun while facing their issues head on. It’s a confident record that shows the effectiveness of swallowing your pride and fighting back against your struggles, but it also acknowledges that it can take a toll on you. It’s a record that comes from all sides, but in the end it truly succeeds at painting the situation.

Favorite Track: Grow Into A Ghost

Least Favorite Track: Treading

Rating: 70 / 100

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