Brian Fallon Sings A Sad Tale Of Love In "Sleepwalkers"

We've all had that one partner from the past that we just can never forget, even if your paths are never meant to cross again. Brian Fallon knows that struggle very well; so well, in fact, he wrote an entire album about it. Brian Fallon sings a sad tale of love in Sleepwalkers, each song's 80's rock influence hiding the pain in the words.

On the surface, Sleepwalkers just sounds like an album that wants to live in the 80's. It begins with 'If Your Prayers Don't Get To Heaven,' its bluesy tones really capturing you. It's very catchy, nicely combining the classic flair of the 80's with a nice alternative drive. There are plenty of songs that embrace the aesthetic with less of a progressive notion, like 'Etta James.' There is a point where the sound feels like it's just getting old, and that hits quite early on in 'Her Majesty's Service." Luckily, there are moments like title track 'Sleepwalkers' where he does add some elements to the music to spice it up (in this case, the brass and woodwinds provide for some jazzier textures).

Additionally, the album has its message going for it that keeps you connected with it. Sleepwalkers is about a love left forgotten, one that haunts Fallon to this day. The first signs of tragedy really show up in the words of 'Forget Me Not,' the music itself average but bolstered heavily by the lyrics. The song is a sad recollection of what once was, Fallon singing "Could you promise me something if you find someone? / That you'll forget me not... And I'll promise you something if I find someone / That I'll forget you not," really showing the heartbreak in the song. 'Neptune' continues the sad narrative later on in the album, and you can't help but hope that maybe things will just work out for him. It comes to an even more tragic end in 'See You On The Other Side' where Fallon reveals that this person is so far gone from his life that she may as well be dead, but he'll be waiting in the afterlife for her. It's a truly beautiful tragedy, and when you get the context of that, the rest of the album makes even more sense.

Brian Fallon sings a sad tale of love in Sleepwalkers, wearing his broken heart on his sleeve as he lays down some heartwrenching lyrics. Even if Fallon is singing about a figurative love, you can tell that these feelings have to come from somewhere, and the pain really does shine through the optimistic instrumentals. This is an 80's throwback done right.

Favorite Tracks: See You On The Other Side, Forget Me Not

Least Favorite Track: Her Majesty's Service

Rating: 76 / 100

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