Martin Garrix Delivers Diverse Anthems In "BYLAW" EP

Martin Garrix has been preparing an EP for what feels like forever, but it’s finally here, and he has some statements to make. Martin Garrix delivers diverse anthems in the BYLAW EP, a long-awaited collection of some energetic songs.

The BYLAW EP has a lot to offer. Opening track ‘Breach (Walk Alone)‘ with Blinders kicks things off on a badass note, the cinematic and dark drop kicking in perfectly to offer the perfect raving atmosphere. ‘Latency,’ in collaboration with Dyro, has similar vibes, with big distorted synths offering even larger atmosphere. Things are calmer in ‘Yottabyte‘ with its fun and almost childlike curiosity and in ‘Access,’ which is a bit more chill. The record ends with the first vocal-based track on the album: the long-demanded ‘Waiting For Tomorrow‘ with Pierce Fulton and Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda (as well as an uncredited Chester Bennington). The energetic anthem has just enough alternative drive to keep it ready for the radio as Shinoda brings powerful vocals to the track, Bennington being barely audible, but is surely there nonetheless, in the background providing a faint backup. It’s a huge track to end on, and even has single potential.

Martin Garrix delivers diverse anthems in the BYLAW EP, bringing in some awesome vibes of all kinds for any party mood. Complete with long-sought after tracks and fresh new ones, Garrix did well in holding this one back until it was perfect.

Favorite Tracks: Waiting For Tomorrow, Breach (Walk Alone)

Least Favorite Track: Access

Rating: 78 / 100

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