Teenage Wrist Search For Hope In "Chrome Neon Jesus"

A dejected attitude is common in emo-laced alternative rock. It's no surprise that Teenage Wrist are keeping to that motif, but there's a catch to it. Teenage Wrist search for hope in Chrome Neon Jesus, covering up their optimistic lyrics with somber melodies.

Chrome Neon Jesus has a pretty ambitious name, but the name grows to fit as the album progresses. Opening track, the title track 'Chrome Neon Jesus' starts off quietly but quickly bursts into a punchier song with a dynamic riff to bring the album to a pretty urgent start. 'Dweeb' follows up with the same drive and great melodies, really heightening the sonic emotions in every way. 'Stoned, Alone' has a riff that has enough anger and dynamic to make it sound like Tool's 'Sober,' keeping things loaded on the low end while sounding floaty up above.

The change of emotions in Chrome Neon Jesus is what really gives it its quality. At the start of the record, there is an unshakable feeling of hopelessness and emptiness. 'Swallow' has a feeling of endlessness with its restrained sound. The center of the album sees it go through a sort of enlightening phase as Teenage Wrist, singing about memories like in 'Rollerblades' with its warm, chill vibe. Chrome Neon Jesus gets a bit harsher in 'Spit' with its slower, more thoughtful rage before 'Waitress' ends the record off with a sort of anthemic final hurrah.

Teenage Wrist search for hope in Chrome Neon Jesus, going through emotional turmoil to reach their somewhat heroic conclusion. It's an album about discovering yourself and coming to terms with your own inner turmoil, and as it finds hope, you might find your own as well.

Favorite Track: Dweeb

Least Favorite Track: Kibo

Rating: 73 / 100

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