Public Memory Brings Haunting Atmosphere In "Demolition"

There’s nothing like a bit of ambient electronica to take you to whole different state of mine. Public Memory brings haunting atmosphere in Demolition, and calming yet subtly diverse record that will really capture you.

Demolition never gets too overbearing, but all of the music really has a specific effect on you. The dark and brooding crawl of the synths in ‘Aegis‘ create a pretty uneasy and even daunting feeling as they sluggishly push forward. ‘Redeemer‘ uses more ghastly synths and sparse, breathy vocals to create a haunting atmosphere than envelops you slowly. Even closing track ‘Trick Of The Light‘ has many elements at play that create a disorienting atmosphere to end the record off. There’s a lot of different things going on within the record that build a whole array of emotions.

The sound of Demolition is pretty alien, and that’s evident throughout the record. While creating these atmospheres, Public Memory don’t stick to traditional sounds in order to create their moods. Opening track ‘The Line‘ brings the record to a start with a driven and distorted sound, alien sounds coming at the end to make for a very unique sounding track. ‘Red Rainbow‘ follows with more spiraling, beautiful synths. Later on in the record, the daunting, slow droll of ‘Doorstep‘ makes for a pretty intense and capturing listen. Public Memory have a lot going on sound-wise even if its seems there’s similar motifs going on through the record.

Public Memory brings haunting atmosphere in Demolition, creating wondrous atmospheres with dynamic through many different avenues. It’s a record that takes a second to really dive into, but you’ll get there with a little bit of of acceptance.

Favorite Track: The Line

Least Favorite Track: Mercy

Rating: 71 / 100

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