Lil Yachty Still Doesn't Sound Like He Cares In "Nuthin' 2 Prove"

Amongst all of the rappers that have popped up in the last few years, the one who truly hasn’t owned their niche is Lil Yachty. Lil Boat 2 was one of the biggest messes of a record this year, and his latest effort certainly doesn’t show much improvement. Lil Yachty still doesn’t sound like he cares in Nuthin’ 2 Prove, an admittedly better put-together record that ultimately still lacks a sense of what he wants to accomplish.

The main problem with Lil Boat 2 was that it genuinely sounded like Lil Yachty had absolutely no idea what he was doing while making it. Thankfully, this record at least has some direction. There aren’t any standout tracks on the album, but there are some that at least meet the mark, like ‘Yacht Club‘ with Juice WRLD. It’s an average track at best, but it at least shows Lil Yachty knows how to produce a song that stands a chance at being competent. ‘Who Want The Smoke?‘ is another pretty solid track, the beat interesting and Cardi B and Offset doing the track some good. ‘Everything Good, Everything Right‘ has nice melodies in it, while ‘Stoney‘ brings the record to a chill and inoffensive end.

That’s about as much praise as you can give the record. Nuthin’ 2 Prove is largely just another collection of poorly written tracks that cater to a pre-teen audience, who are about the only demographic that could give this album any credit. Opening track ‘Gimmie My Respect‘ his a dead flow where it truly sounds like Lil Yachty could not care less about his message, followed later by ‘Riley From The Boondocks‘ where it feels more like Lil Yachty is complaining than trying to put together viable lyrics. ‘We Outta Here!‘ with Young Nudy is simply an uncomfortable listen, almost as bad as Trippie Redd‘s signature song-ruining grunts in ‘Forever World.’ Things even start feeling redundant around the point of ‘Next Up,’ which shockingly is pretty late in the record. Nonetheless, this record is riddled with the usual errors for the sake of nonexistent hype-building.

Lil Yachty doesn’t sound like he cares in Nuthin’ 2 Prove, which isn’t surprisingly at the least. There’s really very little to praise about this record, and while it’s better than Lil Boat 2, it still doesn’t meet the mark, or even gets close to it. Maybe he should try and prove something in the next album - perhaps that’ll get him somewhere.

Favorite Track: Who Want The Smoke?

Least Favorite Tracks: Forever World, Riley From The Boondocks, Gimmie My Respect

Rating: 38 / 100

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