Ash Koosha Illustrates Beautiful Soundscapes In "Return 0"

Experimental music isn’t complete without a sense of chaos, and Ash Koosha knows how to deliver that on all ends. Ash Koosha illustrates beautiful soundscapes in Return 0, a wild record that really builds beauty out of chaos.

Expect a trippy experience when going into Return 0, or any Ash Koosha music for that matter. The record is defined by its wild and constantly changing atmosphere, but in that you begin to find certain intricacies that really make the music feel alive. A perfect example of this is ‘Reach.’ At the end of the song, when the synths seem to cry out before finally giving up feels very real and alive, as if the song is pleading out to you. There are wild and unpredictable tracks that seem even more alive in a weird way, like ‘Earth.’

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Return 0 is pretty unwelcoming, but the music is constantly working to change that. Title track ‘Return 0‘ opens the record almost tantalizingly, its crystalline synths implying a fragility to the it. ‘Muzikenono‘ follows with a more enchanting, foreign atmosphere that really digs deep into your mind. The sounds of ‘StuSs‘ are like particles being hit and moving around. In all this chaos, there is beauty: ‘Redempshun‘ is almost like an orchestra, where it feels like each piece of the track is doing its own individual thing. Even ‘Not Ur Fault‘ starts to sound human, its euphoric atmosphere providing for moments of beauty.

Ash Koosha illustrates beautiful soundscapes in Return 0, showing that there is beauty to be found within chaos. The music is almost alive, and even if on the surface is appears to be nothing but noise.

Favorite Track: Redempshun

Least Favorite Track: StuSs

Rating: 72 / 100

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