Dangerkids Announce Release Date For 'Blacklist_' With New Single

We've been waiting on the follow-up to Dangerkids' 2013 debut Collapse for a long time, and as time went on, things were starting to seem dire for the band. 2017's about to change all of that up.

The band's long-awaited Blacklist_ is due out on January 27, 2017 via Paid Vacation Records. The band has been working on material for nearly two years now, revealing the title of the record all the way back in 2015. It seems the band has parted ways with former record label Rise Records, which may be the reason why.

The band has released another single for the record, the eponymous single 'Blacklist_.' This song feels more at home with the band's core sound than the lead single 'Things Could Be Different,' which had a stronger and more electronically rooted vibe. Both songs show a growth of the band's sound, however, and leave Blacklist_ looking very promising.

Here's the album art and tracklist; both new tracks the band has played throughout 2016 ('Blacklist_' and 'Kill Everything') are found on it:

  1. Kill Everything
  2. Blacklist_
  3. Inside Out
  4. Crawl Your Way Out
  5. Things Could Be Different
  6. Ghost In The Walls
  7. Nothing Worth Saving
  8. Singularity
  9. Summoner's Rift
  10. Glass On Water
  11. Invincible Summer

The new single 'Blacklist_' can be heard below:

Pre-orders and bundles for the new record are available at wearedangerkids.com. Who's ready for new Dangerkids?

New Imagine Dragons Song 'Levitate' Dropping Tonight!

Fans patiently awaiting Imagine Dragons third record are getting a little taste of what's coming. The band is releasing a new song at midnight tonight, entitled 'Levitate!'

The song is an original written for the upcoming movie Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The movie features two people cryogenically frozen for a century before thawing out and living in a new age as they travel through space together.

'Levitate' seems to be a poppier direction for the band. Imagine Dragons' previous two records Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors (read our review here) both featured some more radio-friendly tunes, but this is a different level of pop rock. It's sparkling with bright synths and sweet melodies, and it's bound to be a fresh sound from the band. Let's hope there's some past ID flair added in there, though!

Watch the teaser of the song and movie below. Stay tuned for our review of the song, coming soon!

Muse Release Fun Halloween Cover + Video

Muse can always pull something fun out of their bag. After days of teasing a Halloween surprise, they've released it: a new cover of The Cramps' 'New Kind Of Kick' with a video accompanying it.

Relinquish hopes for a new album in the near future - the bands attire in the video is confirmation enough that this was just something fun the band put together for the Halloween.

The music video for the song is about as ridiculous as the song is itself; Matt Bellamy goes all out, dressed as Elvis Presley while Dom Howard carries the rhythm from looking like a zombie. Chris Wolstenholme looks like he's ready to kill his bandmates for real as he reluctantly plays bass to the track. Bellamy shakes his behind and screams right next to the soulless Howard, actress Miss Miranda does some provocative things in various scenes as well.

Muse just wrapped up their massive 360 tour for their seventh album Drones (read our track-by-track review here) in August, so it's unlikely we'll see any real new material for a while now, but its great to see that the band is still up for doing some silly stunts like this.

Watch Muse's new video, complete with Bellamy's ass shaking and triumphant claim of "Like Susie needs dick," below.

New Starset Music Coming Soon?

There are few bands with grandiose like Starset. The symphonic rock band made it big when they released their debut Transmissions back in 2014, and a follow up may be approaching soon.

The band teased a video on their Twitter account yesterday, slowly panning into a grandfather clock in the middle of a field, both its face and the scene's background periodically glitching out before the ominous hashtag #MONSTER is shown at the end.

What do you think's coming up? A new single? New music? The band's been touring for the last two years in support of the record, so they haven't had much time to get busy in the studio, but they seem to have finally gotten the time to buckle down and record their follow up. Get the hype rolling!

Pink Floyd "Reunite" For The Women Of The Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Members of the legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd are "reuniting" in support of the Women Of The Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition, an global organization aimed at ending the siege of Muslim women's rights in Gaza, Egypt. The organization was illegally arrested and stopped in international waters by the Israeli Defense Force.

The band released a statement on their Facebook page Thursday stating the following:

The Women Of The Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition recently announced the details of their "Women's Boat To Gaza" initiative, in which a series of ships will set sail to challenge the Israeli blockade, as well as give hope to the Palestinian people. The boats set sail to Gaza in mid-September. For more information, see the organization's website.

The band also released a remix of the classic track 'Childhood's End' from the seventh album, Obscured By Clouds which was originally released in 1972. The new mix was done by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins, and serves as a promotional single from the band's upcoming collection Pink Floud: The Early Years (1965-1972), which will be released this November.

The extent of this "reunion" is unknown - whether it is nothing beyond this statement or if it means shows in support of the cause or new music is on the way is yet to be seen, but what we do know is that it's great to see a band of this caliber support such a cause.