Pink Floyd "Reunite" For The Women Of The Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Members of the legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd are "reuniting" in support of the Women Of The Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition, an global organization aimed at ending the siege of Muslim women's rights in Gaza, Egypt. The organization was illegally arrested and stopped in international waters by the Israeli Defense Force.

The band released a statement on their Facebook page Thursday stating the following:

The Women Of The Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition recently announced the details of their "Women's Boat To Gaza" initiative, in which a series of ships will set sail to challenge the Israeli blockade, as well as give hope to the Palestinian people. The boats set sail to Gaza in mid-September. For more information, see the organization's website.

The band also released a remix of the classic track 'Childhood's End' from the seventh album, Obscured By Clouds which was originally released in 1972. The new mix was done by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins, and serves as a promotional single from the band's upcoming collection Pink Floud: The Early Years (1965-1972), which will be released this November.

The extent of this "reunion" is unknown - whether it is nothing beyond this statement or if it means shows in support of the cause or new music is on the way is yet to be seen, but what we do know is that it's great to see a band of this caliber support such a cause.