Coldplay To Release A New EP

Before playing a special show at the London Palladium, Coldplay did an interview with Absolute Radio (who sponsored the event), and dropped an interesting piece of information.

In the first of two interviews, Absolute Radio host Pete Donaldson interviewed vocalist Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland, sharing some banter, but around the three minute mark, Martin shared some surprising news:

This whole tour’s been so wonderful... and we’re just finishing some songs for an EP we’re putting out. This is the first time we’re talking about it, actually.

In a following interview with bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion, revealing the title of the EP to be Kaleidoscope, just like the track with the same title on the band's 2015 record A Head Full Of Dreams. No further details on the EP are revealed, but the band members go on to talk about recording on the road and the touring life.

There you have it! We'll keep you updated on more details on the EP as they come - more information will be coming soon!