Muse Release Fun Halloween Cover + Video

Muse can always pull something fun out of their bag. After days of teasing a Halloween surprise, they've released it: a new cover of The Cramps' 'New Kind Of Kick' with a video accompanying it.

Relinquish hopes for a new album in the near future - the bands attire in the video is confirmation enough that this was just something fun the band put together for the Halloween.

The music video for the song is about as ridiculous as the song is itself; Matt Bellamy goes all out, dressed as Elvis Presley while Dom Howard carries the rhythm from looking like a zombie. Chris Wolstenholme looks like he's ready to kill his bandmates for real as he reluctantly plays bass to the track. Bellamy shakes his behind and screams right next to the soulless Howard, actress Miss Miranda does some provocative things in various scenes as well.

Muse just wrapped up their massive 360 tour for their seventh album Drones (read our track-by-track review here) in August, so it's unlikely we'll see any real new material for a while now, but its great to see that the band is still up for doing some silly stunts like this.

Watch Muse's new video, complete with Bellamy's ass shaking and triumphant claim of "Like Susie needs dick," below.