What To Expect From Katy Perry's 'Chained To The Rhythm'

Pop icon Katy Perry is expected to be releasing new music tomorrow, and there's a lot to expect from it. The massive promotion for the song over the last week has prompted some hype to be raised, but what exactly can we expect from Katy Perry's new song 'Chained To The Rhythm?'

It's safe to say that KP's new single will be dropping tomorrow, ahead of her GRAMMYs performance on Sunday. Being that she's performing the song at the GRAMMYs, we can expect the song to be a pretty big comeback for her. That's also marked by the fact she's changed her hair color for it - a real indicator that a new era for her music is upon us.

Over the last week, the artist has also taken promotion for the album around the world. In some of the world's biggest cities (New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo, to name a few), Katy has dropped actual disco balls in public places that fans can plug their headphones into to listen to her new song. That means dozens of fans have already heard the single, but it seems like they've kept info on the DL.


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Based on the title of the track, as well, we can probably assume this track will have some groove to it. There's no telling if the song will sound similar to her last effort, 2013's Prism, or if it'll be something completely different, but we know she's bound to deliver. We already got a taste of what her fourth album will sound like with 'Rise,' which she released last year to be the official song for the Rio Olympics. We can assume that this song will make it onto the album, but will its grand atmosphere be the same found in 'Chained To The Rhythm?'

Stay tuned tomorrow for when the song is released, as we'll be reviewing the song as soon as it's released.