Has Dua Lipa Recorded The New Bond Theme? Years & Years Slip Up In Interview

We're still quite a ways away from the next James Bond film, but the details might have come out about who's recording the next film's theme. It seems the song's already done, but by who? In an interview, the electropop band Years & Years may have slipped up, revealing that Dua Lipa may have recorded the new Bond theme already!

The band were doing an interview with BBC Radio 5, Years & Years member Mikey Goldsworthy explaining that he'd like the band to be asked to record the new Bond theme, but accidentally revealing that Dua Lipa has already been given it: "I thought they'd ask us to do the theme song but alas I think it's Dua Lipa doing it." Goldsworthy quickly did some damage control after the presenter said that it might just be a worldwide reveal: "Am I not supposed to say that? That's what I've heard. I feel bad now, maybe I've ruined everything. Well hopefully, then we can do it!"

If Dua Lipa does the theme, we certainly won't be complaining! The 'New Rules' singer certainly has a dark and sensual vibe that would fit perfectly with the movie's vibe. The singer released her eponymous debut album last year and has since skyrocketed to fame. A new single with Diplo and Mark Ronson, entitled 'Electricity,' is also rumored to be coming out this summer. Sam Smith was the last to feature in a Bond theme, his song 'Writings On The Wall' beating out Radiohead's 'Spectre,' which was later put out as a standalone single.