Immortal Reviews' Best New Artists Of 2017

We lost legends in 2017, but also found new names who may perhaps one day be just as acclaimed. New talent defines the future of music, and the new names that rose up this year definitely show that there is a bright future ahead. This is Immortal Reviews' official Best New Artists of 2017 list.



BROCKHAMPTON formed in 2015, but their masterful production and style would have you thinking this collective has been going for ages. The boy-band of hip-hop released three eclectic records in the form of their Saturation trilogy, creating many incredible tracks in a very short period of time. BROCKHAMPTON may very well be hip-hop's shining star, and we're excited to see what the future holds for them.

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Harry Styles


Harry Styles is no stranger to the music world, yet his solo career will be his boldest adventure into it. His eponymous debut was released this year with loads of flair and style to back it, channeling the likes of David Bowie and The Rolling Stones in his 80's rock infused record. Straying far from his One Direction roots, Styles takes on balladry and a daring flair to launch his solo career, and long may it continue.

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Declan McKenna


Declan McKenna was not the biggest new name of 2017, but he certainly deserved to be. His debut What Do You Think About The Car? is a humbling record, full of beautiful pop ballads like the warm grooves of 'Brazil' and the endearing 'The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home.' He's certainly young talent, but that only means he can only grow and learn from here, which is an exciting prospect given how well he has already done for himself.

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Dua Lipa


No one took the pop world by storm quite like Dua Lipa did this year. Her sweet sound punctuated by her flowing voice and sweet percussion spawned some of the year's biggest pop hits including the dramatic and confident 'New Rules.' Her record is full of sleeping pop bangers that are all just waiting to be unleashed. She's the freshest new face in pop's mainstream, and with her sound, it's likely that she'll be staying on top for a time to come.

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Meadowlark are indie's sweetest new outfit, headed by YouTube cover star Kate McGill. The sweet pop-infused indie sound of Meadowlark bounces below dark and catchy melodies that never fail to grab your attention. With an angelic voice, McGill's timbre sounds just perfect in the space it occupies, and Meadowlark certainly won't be moving anywhere any time soon.

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Kacy Hill


There's a very enchanting element to Kacy Hill's music. It's not quite minimalist, but there's no excess sound to her formula. Everything that needs to be there is present, and nothing more. From the upbeat sounds of 'Hard To Love' to the ghastly atmosphere of 'Lion,' Kacy Hill's sound voice is enchanting in all of the right ways, never failing to make something beautiful in its simplicity.

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Lil Uzi Vert


Hip-hop has had an interesting year now that Soundcloud rappers are truly taking off. Among those coming out of that camp is Lil Uzi Vert, who makes music that's not lost in unabashed fame and lust. His music has cries of depression and an actual acknowledgement that not everything in life is perfect. That sense of imperfection in life is exactly the theme that bred hip-hop, and though it's not necessarily painted in the same light in Lil Uzi Vert's music, it's definitely present in some form.

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Jaden Smith


Jaden Smith has been the brunt of jokes for a long time now, Given That He Always Types Like This And Embodies The Idea Of A Shower Thought. Regardless, his debut album SYRE was one of the most surprisingly good records that came out this year. With eclectic beats, endless bars, and influences that go beyond the world of rap, Jaden Smith truly blew all expectations out of the park, and given what he has already created, we're excited to see where he goes next.

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The divide between singer and rapper in hip-hop is slowly becoming blurred more and more, but Kehlani is owning it in every way. Her edgier, R&B focussed sound is sweet yet has a certain naughtiness to it that assure you that it's not all fun and games when it comes to her. A smooth voice on a dirty beat can go a long way, and no one owns that like Kehlani does.

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While more known as Drake's underlings, dvsn broke out of their mold and released their atmospheric sophomore record Morning After this year. Not seeking to be the kings of the city nightlife, dvsn delve into some real subjects and build loads of atmosphere to make certain that their message is wrapped in a sonic blanket that amplifies the meaning. Every note feels purposeful in Morning After, and that attention to detail gives much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to.

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With 2017 being so promising, 2018 can only be brighter. Stay tuned for our Top 50 Albums Of 2017 list, and be sure to check out our Top 50 Songs Of 2017 list if you haven't.