Muse Deliver Energetic New Anthem 'Pressure'

Muse are on the heels of their next record Simulation Theory, out November 9, and they’re not done hyping up this album. After sharing their last 80s epic ‘The Dark Side,’ their already back with another big single from the record. Muse deliver an energetic new anthem, ‘Pressure,’ coming from their forthcoming record.

Musically, ‘Pressure’ is what a lot of fans were hoping for from the newest record. Drawing from the huge, punchy brass section from ‘Panic Station‘ from The 2nd Law, ‘Pressure’ opens up with a funky riff accompanied by the brass. ‘Pressure’ deals with the band’s literal pressure to appeal to older fans. And ‘Pressure’ hits that on the head with the sound. Big guitars add crunch to the song while the 80s aesthetic of the record fits in perfectly with them. It’s a combination of everything Muse fans want; a new sound to appeal to the current audience, as well as that big rocky presence that made Muse’s music seem so larger than life.

The music video for the song falls in the same line as the previous music videos. While ‘Something Human‘ and ‘The Dark Side‘ had this certain continuation to it, ‘Pressure’ seems to fall more in line with the video for ‘Thought Contagion‘ with its 80s craziness. Muse take on their original name - Rocket Baby Dolls - for a high school battle of the bands type setting straight out of Back To The Future, hosted by none other than Terry Crews. While the band performs, the gym floor lights up, and a couple from the crowd go into the halls to get up to some business. While they do that, this weird small werewolf monster begins terrorizing people, ultimately sending the whole event into chaos. Terry Crews brings out an electric… flamethrower and begins fighting back and the whole situation becomes ever more wild. This video is pure 80s.

Muse deliver an energetic new anthem with ‘Pressure,’ bringing a wild music video along to pair with the great blend of old and new this song has. Simulation Theory so far has proven to be a very unique album from the band, and what else the record has to hold is keeping us in suspense. Be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss our review of the record!

Rating: 90 / 100

Music Video Rating: 85 / 100

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