Muse Deliver Heartfelt Search For Empathy In 'Something Human'

Muse have always been on a futuristic bend since their very first album, and their most recent, 2015's Drones, was a concept album that explored a future where humanity had destroyed itself. The trend of Muse's new album seems to follow a similar plot, but instead of taking place in the wake of destruction, it takes place in the build up to it. Muse deliver a heartfelt search for empathy in 'Something Human,' a sweet track that brings a softer side to the more anthemic run of singles they've had so far.

'Something Human' is very different from the two other singles the band has released from their forthcoming album: 'Dig Down,' an electronic anthem that builds up as it encourages it's listener to find the strength deep within themselves to move forward, and 'Thought Contagion,' a heavier track that warns of the dangers of information being quickly dispersed via the media. 'Something Human' steps away from fear and warnings, and instead documents a search: as Matt Bellamy softly and simply explains in the chorus, "I need something human." The song seems to be directly related to the story of Drones, which commented heavily on mindless warfare and the growing lack of empathy humanity is facing. It's much more desperate and longing, though, as Bellamy really tries to find something in this "infected" world that is real and alive. The song itself sees Muse combine light electronica with an acoustic indie rock feel, being the first time they've ever really made a song like this. It's a nice change of pace, especially considering Bellamy had previously stated

The music video, much like the rest of the singles, has a distinctly retro vibe to it. Everything from the CGI and the premise really just captures that 80s retro vibe. Bellamy drives down a long highway, away from a city that has been "infected" (likely by the 'Thought Contagion') in search for something human. Chris Wolstenholme and Dom Howard follow behind him in a police car and they duke it out, before somehow... teleporting to a different dimension, where Bellamy sees a full moon, becomes a werewolf, kills Wolstenholme, and drives off after leaving Howard unable to return. So it's Muse being cheesy as can be, but even though the video's a bit cringe, it does, for the most part, follow the song nicely.

Muse deliver a heartfelt search for empathy in 'Something Human,' an acoustic indie ballad that sees Muse calm it down a bit and offer a more personal and intimate story. It's certainly going to take some time to grow, but overall it's a nice tune to chill to and take in.

Rating: 78 / 100

Video Rating: 65 / 100

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