Tracklist and Release Date For Muse's New Album "Simulation Theory" Revealed

Muse have been slowly rolling out singles to their upcoming eighth record for the last year now, the first being May 2017's release of 'Dig Down.' Now, Muse are finally gearing up to release their next record, which is coming up fast. The tracklist and release date for Muse's new album Simulation Theory has been revealed!

The band's eighth record Simulation Theory will be released this fall, on November 9 through Warner Music UK. The record features singles 'Dig Down,' 'Thought Contagion,' 'Something Human,' and the newest track 'The Dark Side,' reportedly releasing later today. The full tracklist is as follows:

  1. Algorithm
  2. The Dark Side
  3. Pressure
  4. Propaganda
  5. Break It To Me
  6. Something Human
  7. Thought Contagion
  8. Get Up and Fight
  9. Blockades
  10. Dig Down
  11. The Void

Other tracks on the record that vocalist Matt Bellamy has spoken about include 'Algorithm' and 'Pressure.' 'Pressure' is described as being a rocking track similar to Muse's older style, and apparently has a "new riff every 10 seconds." Meanwhile, 'Algorithm' is a more romantic track, inspired by 80s video game soundtracks.

This is Muse's first record since 2015's bombastic Drones, a concept album about the increasing lack of empathy in warfare. It was followed by an incredible world tour which featured insane production, including a 360 stage and flying, operating drones. Muse are known for their high-production live shows, earning them the title of best live band in the world. The tour for Simulation Theory is bound to follow - the band has already been touring with singles 'Dig Down' and 'Thought Contagion' for the last year.

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