Foo Fighters Rebel Against Age In New Video and Single 'Run'

It's been three years since the Foo Fighters have released material, Sonic Highways being something of the distant past. The rockers are back with a newly lit fire with their massive new single 'Run' that sees the Foo Fighters rebel against age. 

'Run' is a massive song, the likes of which Foo Fighters haven't hit before. It begins lightly, a bright instrumental and uplifting vocals from Dave Grohl bringing the song to a slow (and deceiving start). The sweet start soon turns anthemic as Grohl chants "We run" and Taylor Hawkins' drums pound, and when the big riff comes in, the song becomes full. Embracing big choruses and a punk rock atmosphere, the Foo Fighters have crafted another new song that intensifies their own in an epic way. Grohl's vicious screams at the start of each verse and the anthemic, giant choruses really make the song powerful.

The music video is something to behold. Directed by Grohl, it features several elderly folks rebelling against their caretakers, going on a frenzy in the process. The group of old people smash things raucously, escaping the reigns of their age and embodying their own frivolous spirits. It's a rejuvenating and oddly uplifting video, really throwing you for a turn as its rebellious nature sounds strong with each blow of a riff.

Foo Fighters never disappoint. They rebel against age in their new video for the single 'Run,' the first song off what will hopefully be their next record. The band has promised that an announcement of what they'll be doing this year will be coming soon, and we can't wait. These legends are back and ready to deliver.

Rating: 90 / 100

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