Foo Fighters Get Fantastical In 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood'

The Foo Fighters have always been the champions of a good ol' rock anthem, and with their upcoming album Concrete & Gold, they're taking things to the next level. They've already shared lead single 'Run,' a heavy track with punk roots, and now they're turning another page as the Foo Fighters get fantastical in 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood,' a song with a fairytale touch.

The song opens on an enchanting chorus of voices as a subtle string and light guitar line brings Dave Grohl to a lo-fi start, Taylor Hawkins' pounding kick drum carrying his vocals ahead. The punchy first verse leads into an epic chorus with marching guitars and anthemic lyrics. The song only gets bigger as it goes, the bridge stopping for a brief reprieve at the end before the song explodes for one grand finale in its epic finale, a guitar solo and crashing drums bringing a big end to a big track. 

The music video is as enchanting as the song itself. The Foos perform above a house as two kids read their fairytale book, reading off the lyrics of the song. As the song gains momentum, the kids get more riled up and adventurous, the Foos pounding on the roof as their eyes glow like stars. By the end, the sky explodes with color and the kids begin to fly around as if the dreams the stories they read inspired, all their problems disappearing as they forget their differences and realize there's more to life than petty arguments.

The Foo Fighters get fantastical in 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood,' making Concrete & Gold seem like an even grander album than already. The album is due out on September 15, so stay tuned for our review of it. It's going to be a big one.

Rating: 88 / 100

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