Foo Fighters Proved Their Sound Was Timeless In "The Colour and The Shape"

The Foo Fighters have build a powerful legacy with their music. The band's on the heels of their ninth album Concrete and Gold, out tomorrow, and twenty years after their iconic sophomore release. The band has only gone up from there. The Foo Fighters proved their sound was timeless in The Colour and The Shape, defining a sound that continued to reign for decades to come.

The Colour and The Shape was the album that brought Foo Fighter's sound into a more approachable atmosphere. 'Doll' opens the record on a calm note, Dave Grohl opting for a gentle intro rather than throwing things straight into the fray. Not long after 'Doll' comes the wild and familiar riffs of 'Monkey Wrench' that bring the Foos real jamming tones out with a big and upfront sound. That's the sound that reigns in the band's discography, and the sound that makes this album huge. Following 'Monkey Wrench' comes more grandiose Foo tracks like 'Hey, Johnny Park!' and the dynamic 'My Poor Brain.' 

Some of Foo Fighters' most iconic tracks are on this album, and it's much to thank for a lot of the band's success. The classic 'My Hero' features at the album's core, tying it together with simple but effective, empowering lyrics and an anthemic build. Near the end comes the quintessential Foo Fighters song 'Everlong,' roaring with alternative perfection and a huge drive. It's an anthemic track that really embodies the Foo's sound. Other wild and big numbers add to the band's big sound, like 'Enough Space' and the epic buildup finale of 'New Way Home,' and some softer numbers to add dynamic like 'February Stars' and the quiet intro of 'Up In Arms.' Despite being known for not being the most diverse band, the Foo Fighters definitely keep mixing things up.

The Foo Fighters proved their sound was timeless in The Colour and The Shape, making career defining songs that made them who they are. The very principles of everything their sound embodies is present in this record, and twenty years later its influence on the band is undeniable. Will Concrete and Gold follow suit?

Favorite Tracks: Everlong, My Hero, Monkey Wrench

Least Favorite Track: See You

Rating: 79 / 100

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