LCD Soundsystem Returns With Big New Songs 'Call The Police' and 'American Dream'

Indie rock legends LCD Soundsystem have been on the heels of their big comeback for awhile now, ever since reforming onstage in 2016. Not much new music has been released since 2010's This Is Happening and the band's breakup in 2011, but a new age is upon us. LCD Sounsystem returns with big new songs 'Call The Police' and 'American Dream,' ready to take over the world by storm once again.

The energy of the band hasn't died whatsoever - if anything, it's higher than its been in a long time. 'Call The Police' is the first of the two songs the band released, kicking off the band's comeback with a familiar intro. A light beat is joined by a bright bass guitar before warm vocals chanting "We all know this is nothing" pipe in above synths. The song's build is immense, the already anthemic vibes really building up strongly into a rocking ending with loads of drive and big vocals.

'American Dream' has a different sound to it. This one is more gentle in approach, its vocals dreamy and the synths atmospheric. This song has a very calm disposition to it as it begins, but it grows as it progresses. By the end of the song, the initially dreamy song becomes a sort of blissful explosion, the vocals crying out with a bitter joy and the synths falling sweetly like shooting stars. It's a song with a sweet sound, but a pretty intense set of lyrics. They tell a pretty violent story, resolving itself to be a pretty damning look at the idea of the American dream.

LCD Soundsystem's big new songs 'Call The Police' and 'American Dream' are a giant return for the band. They're hiatus seems to have got their juices and energy flowing, and they're ready to make some big music. They'll take the world by storm in the next year or so, and we're sure their album will be something else.

'Call The Police' Rating: 85 / 100

'American Dream' Rating: 89 / 100

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