Guns N' Roses Made Rock Sound Epic In "Appetite For Destruction"

Any fan of rock knows the position of Guns N' Roses in the world. A rock band that defined energy and rawness, while still having fun with their music. Its 2017 and the band is rolling once again, but its their past efforts that really made them so iconic. Guns N' Roses made rock sound epic in Appetite For Destruction.

Guns N' Roses are no strangers to letting it all go berserk, and Appetite For Destruction is really a testament to that. From the very beginning, the awesome, big intro of 'Welcome To The Jungle' that falls into grand choruses to the awesome, rolling riffs of 'Mr. Brownstone,' there are few points at which this album doesn't feel driven. It just doesn't stop rolling forward, moving with energy and groove and every corner. Even the "safer" songs, like 'Out Ta Get Me,' have a signature sound that makes them exciting.

As someone who didn't grow up in the real era of Guns N' Roses, there are signs that Appetite For Destruction has found some distance from modern rock. The high-pitched howls of Axl Rose come straight from AC/DC's Brian Johnson (which really doesn't make it much of a mystery why he's replaced him), but that's always been a delivery that just didn't fit with me. 'Think About You' is a great song with awesome lyrics and a great story, but the high-pitched vocals throw it off a little bit for me. They do find their place though, such as on the epic roll and awesome progression of 'Paradise City' and in the classic warm tones of 'Sweet Child O' Mine.' It's always been the riffs that made GnR so iconic, the latter of those two songs being the ultimate testament to that. The epic wails from Rose on the wild 'You're Crazy' also sound right at home.

Guns N' Roses made rock sound epic in Appetite For Destruction, bringing bustling riffs and iconic, driven sounds that really tied things together to solidify their place in the history of rock. It's not hard to see why this band took the world by storm and can still sell out arenas today. Their legacy is awesome, and many of its finest moments come in this album.

Favorite Tracks: Sweet Child O' Mine, Welcome To The Jungle, Think About You, You're Crazy

Least Favorite Track: Out Ta Get Me

Rating: 85 / 100

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