Thirty Seconds To Mars Celebrates America In Eclectic 'Walk On Water' Music Video

Back in July, Thirty Seconds To Mars launched their ambitious project A Day In The Life Of America which sought to capture the essence of the United States Of America on July 4. Jared Leto promised that the submitted footage would be a part of the visual for the band's upcoming album, and the first real taste of it has arrived. Thirty Seconds To Mars celebrates America in their eclectic 'Walk On Water' music video that captures some of the most intimate and powerful moments of being American.

'Walk On Water' has been a signature anthem since it was released in August, progressing the band's pop rock sound into a more electronic-based nature while still maintaining their anthemic presence that they've maintained over most of their discography. A lot of the video features that sort of celebratory sense, too. The video is very interactive, encouraging fans to take screenshots of their favorite descriptions of the country and tweet it at the band; it certainly goes along with how the footage was gathered in the first place. The video show cases a lot about America, including talent, diversity, and some facts that'll have you saying "That's America alright."

The music video is just as empowering as the song itself. The best part about the 'Walk On Water' music video is that it's an overall look at the country. It's not a full celebration of the greatness of the country. It's a celebration of everything within. The video features adversity in the faces of the LGBTQ community, the poor, the dreamers. It also shows the dedication of Americans who love the country. We see pain in the miracle of birth, which lends itself to the changing dynamic and growing society that changes every day. 'Walk On Water' doesn't just channel the good, just as America isn't all just a happy place.

Thirty Seconds To Mars have always abided by the principle that if you believe in something, you should fight for it. They celebrate America for all it is - diverse, full of challenge, and dynamic - in their eclectic music video for 'Walk On Water.' At the end of the video, you're left with a sense of wonder about being an American. You wonder what the country truly means to you. There's nothing like a video that keeps you invested, engaged, and at the end, wondering about yourself. That's magical.

Rating: 90 / 100