American Football Detail Matured New Record In Exclusive Interview

Indie rock champions American Football made a triumphant comeback back in 2014, ultimately leading up to the release of their long-awaited sophomore release, 2016’s American Football. The band are back once again for another new record (similarly titled American Football), but promise that it’ll be something different. American Football detail their matured new record American Football, due out in 2019.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, vocalist Mike Kinsella promises: “We’re not 23-year-old petulant kids now. We’re adults making concessions, and you appreciate what everyone is doing. If there’s something cool happening at the end, let’s ride it out. Let’s add a children’s choir, or vibraphones, or ringing bells. You can’t deny how long the songs are, but you’ll miss stuff if you turn it off.” The band’s newest record is due out on March 22 via Polyvinyl, and on top of the promised expanded soundscape, features from Paramore‘s Hayley Williams, Rachel Goswell, and Land Of Talk‘s Elizabeth Powell.

Continuing with their interview with Rolling Stone, Kinsella went on to detail several songs from the album: the eight-minute epic ‘Doom In Full Bloom‘ kicks off with a guitar solo before the rest of the band take that and jam over it, while bassist Nate Kinsella described working with Hayley Willaims on the record (“I did a rough track of me singing Hayley’s part, which sounds like dogs dying compared to what she did with it. She killed it. They all killed it. It was way better than I ever could have expected it to be. And that’s ideally what happens when you bring in a new voice. They bring things you can’t bring yourself, and it’s a surprising, amazing thing when it gets pulled off.“). The band dropped their hypnotic lead single for the album, ‘Silhouettes,’ earlier today.

Are you excited for new American Football music? The new record will be here in March, and there’s certainly a lot of excitement going for it. Let us know how excited you are for the album, and be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss our review of it.