Taylor Swift's Social Media Platform Is Shutting Down

Of all the things Taylor Swift made headlines for over the last year, a social media platform wasn’t one of them - nonetheless, the pop queen is full of surprises. Taylor Swift’s social media platform The Swift Life is shutting down on February 1, 2019

Swift’s platform, The Swift Life, was created over a year ago, launched alongside her 6th record reputation (read our review of the record here). The platform allowed for Swift and her fans to connect with one another. The shutdown has been a long time coming, however: Mashable reports Swift’s app tanking horribly in comparison to other celebrity apps, including Kim Kardashian‘s and Gordon Ramsay‘s. They also point to the app creator’s (Glu) struggle maintaining the app given it’s social media focus, a saturated social media market, and the lack of promotion for the app of Swift’s other profiles as a cause for the app’s poor performance.

A statement released by The Swift Life details the app’s closing, as well as what fans and users of the app should do before the app shuts down:


Did you use The Swift Life? Swift’s reputation era seems to be coming to a close now, so new music may be on the way! Swift also recently released a concert film filmed on her Reputation Tour, released on Netflix. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on Taylor Swift’s new music.