WATCH: Linkin Park Performs Surprise Set In New York Subway

With their new album just on the horizon, it's no surprise that Linkin Park are doing some promotion for the album this week. The band took things to the next level for this one, though. Watch videos of Linkin Park performing a surprise show in a New York City subway station.

The band took to the Shuttle Side of Grand Central Station in New York City last night, surprising commuters and fans alike. Few fans knew about the event, but some in the area who were part of the LPLive fansite and the band's official fanclub Linkin Park Underground were invited - including us! We have some exclusive front-row videos of the event, including these performances of 'Burn It Down,' 'Crawling,' and 'What I've Done.'

The band performed a bunch of singles including the ones mentioned above in a stripped-down format. Brad Delson and Phoenix Farrell manned the guitar while Rob Bourdon held down the drums. Mike Shinoda stuck to the piano as Joe Hahn played samples from his iPad, Chester Bennington sounding as great as ever above the quieter instrumental. The band played four songs, spanning from Hybrid Theory hit 'Crawling' to the lead single off of One More Light, 'Heavy' before standing up to say good night. Before they could conclude, however, the crowd began loudly chanting for another classic, 'In The End,' to which the band promptly followed through with. Mike Shinoda remarked, "I've never actually played the piano part live," so as he manned the piano, the entire crowd rapped the verses in his place. Check it out below.

This show was part of Good Morning America's "Pop-Up" week, where artists are appearing all over the country playing secret shows. A proshot of some of these songs will be shown on the Thursday (May 18) episode of the show, so don't miss it. Linkin Park's new album One More Light is out on May 19, but stick around today to check out our review on it. Be sure to search "Linkin Park" on our site to check out all of our reviews of their records - we've hit pretty much all of them!