Broods - Don't Feed The Pop Monster (Album Review)

The most rewarding creative experiences are the ones that tell your story, and for Broods, that may just be their newest record. Broods seek out a pure and honest experience in their eclectic new record Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, offering up wholesome and intimate tracks that stay true to their persons.

Don’t Feed The Pop Monster is an indie pop record through and through, but they take plenty of creative liberties to spice up their tracks. Dejected opener ‘Sucker‘ brings the record the a slow but steady vibe, the nice drive carrying the track gently. ‘Why Do You Believe Me?‘ follows with a more curious charm and sweeter melodies that slowly captivate your attention. Every song has its own specific vibe on the record, from hopeless optimism in ‘Falling Apart‘ to the energetic pop drive of ‘Too Proud.’ Broods know how to keep things fresh from start to finish, bringing the energy flowing and morphing right to the very end, when ‘Life After‘ ends things on a chiller note.

There’s a specific intimacy to the vibe of Don’t Feed The Pop Monster that’s hard to distinguish. There’s a very real nature to each track, yet a certain specificity to each situation they sing of. This creates a very unique connection between artist and fan as the listener takes these messages and create their own story for them. It’s not as difficult to build that connection with certain tracks, like single ‘Peach.’ The upbeat track is more of an indie anthem, Broods marching forward with an awesome expressiveness in the face of despair. A darker atmosphere makes things a bit more emotional in ‘Everytime You Go,’ the cool percussion adding a nice unique touch to the album. ‘To Belong‘ is similarly creative, the emphasized downbeat of the track giving it a special drive and a great atmosphere. Every track in Broods is masterfully put together, never failing to capture that right emotion.

Broods seek out a pure and honest experience with the music of their new record Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, diving deep into very specific emotions but telling a relatable and interesting story with each track. The record never gets too flashy or too emotional, but finds just that right place in between to find that perfect balance. There’s a lot to learn about both the artist and yourself in this record, so get ready to dive wholeheartedly into it.

Favorite Tracks: Peach, To Belong, Everytime You Go, Why Do You Believe Me?

Least Favorite Track: Hospitalized

Rating: 79 / 100

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