Gesaffelstein - Hyperion (Album Review)

If you weren’t paying attention, then you might have missed Gesaffelstein‘s triumphant rise to fame over the last year. The electronic and pop producer is now here with a new record, keeping true to his signature sound. Gesaffelstein comfortably experiments in his new album Hyperion, with big collaborations and plenty of vibes to spare.

Gesaffelstein appeals to no one and everyone in Hyperion. Most numbers are more complex and experimental, elements of house, industrial, ambient, electronica, and more coming together in these interesting and subtle ways. The more aggressive and punchy tones of ‘Reset‘ speak towards a more industrial, EDM style beat with its drama and atmosphere, while the dark atmosphere and melodies of ‘Memora‘ engulf you in some abyssal darkness. A fully experimental vibe is channeled in ‘Forever‘ with The Hacker and Electric Youth, the three artists all pitching their individual styles into one melting pot of a track. Closing track ‘Humanity Gone‘ is as avant garde as it gets, the ten minute piece slowly evolving through different ambient soundscapes.

As experimental as Hyperion may seem, there is an accessible way about it. One such way are the giant collaborations on the record. Enter the dark sensual vibe of ‘Lost In The City,’ The Weeknd providing his crystalline voice over the endless atmosphere that Gesaffelstein creates. Pharrell Williams helps add the glamour and funk to ‘Blast Off,’ bringing the perfect amount of drive and catchiness to the track with his signature style. HAIM even guests on the record, providing haunting vocals for the chill but dark ‘So Bad.’ Even some of the less accessible tracks have hints of catchiness to them: title track ‘Hyperion‘ opens the record with a sweet and bright start that envelops you, preparing you for all yet to come.

Gesaffelstein experiments comfortably in Hyperion, his new record that shows his limitlessness. It’s not a particularly climactic record, but it creates an atmosphere that you can’t help but find your way into exploring. He captures a world and takes you into it.

Favorite Tracks: Blast Off, So Bad

Least Favorite Track: Forever

Rating: 76 / 100

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