Said The Whale - Cascadia (Album Review)

Everyone faces one problem or the other in their everyday lives, and sometimes it all adds up. It’s hard to keep bottling those feelings in, which is why Said The Whale unleashes them in their new record. Said The Whale face the problems of every day life with optimism and an energetic attitude in their new record Cascadia.

The progression of Cascadia really does wonders for the message. The record begins powerfully, ‘Wake Up‘ delivering a great energy and a nice message with its anthemic chorus: “Time makes all things fall together / Time brings all things together.“ The energy stays alive and well in the following tracks, ‘UnAmerican‘ kicking strongly and with a bite as Said The Whale celebrate individuality. The record ends more calmly than it began, quieter and more collected numbers closing the album out. ‘Level Best‘ is a chill track, with just enough drive to push it forward but not enough to really make you want to rock out (as it should be with this track). Closing track ‘Gambier Island Green‘ ends the album beautiful and subtly, the calm track having a very natural atmosphere about it.

Cascadia is full of tracks that are somewhat of a call-to-action: they want you to get up and go challenge what’s bringing you down. Title track ‘Cascadia‘ has nice melodies to it that elevate the band’s desire to create amidst a world with so many rules. The upbeat vibes of ‘Love Don’t Ask‘ add a sweet tone to record while keeping the energy alive, the former of which are reprised later in the record in a calmer way in ‘Love Always.’ The big drums and attitude of ‘Shame‘ explode with energy before ‘Old Soul, Young Heart‘ dives into another sweet story. ‘Moonlight‘ starts somewhat dejectedly before building beautifully and with a conviction, making it one of the record’s strongest tracks. Said The Whale just don’t go wrong on this album.

Facing life isn’t always easy, but luckily we have the perfect soundtrack to help us get through it. Said The Whale face life optimistically and with a conviction in Cascadia, challenging norms and urging their listeners to do the same. There’s too much in life to enjoy and be happy about it, so why not sing all the problems away while we’re at it?

Favorite Tracks: Wake Up; Moonlight; Old Soul, Young Heart

Least Favorite Track: Love Always

Rating: 77 / 100

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