White Lies - FIVE (Album Review)

Everyone loves a good alternative rock anthem, and White Lies have plenty to spare on their latest record. White Lies deliver explosive energy and alternative anthems in their new record FIVE, which is packed full of powerful tracks.

White Lies have a certain drama about them that adds a little bit of a Depeche Mode flair to this record (not to mention the new wave synths the band employs as well). Opening track ‘Time To Give‘ has plenty of drama right off the bat, getting the record started on a bit of  a dark manner. The drama co-mingles with more anthemic and poppy tracks, but it’s always there, if not in only subtle ways. The only other directly dramatic track is closer ‘Fire and Wings,’ but tracks like ‘Kick Me‘ definitely has a bit of tension in it when the explosive bridge enters the picture.

Beyond drama, White Lies deliver a plethora of indie anthems that could all dominate alternative airwaves. Nicer tracks including ‘Never Alone‘ and ‘Believe It‘ are a bit more relaxed and have an easier going nature about them, not being too energetic but not boring by any means either. More explosive songs - like the anthemic ‘Tokyo‘ - is where the real anthemic energy lies. Coming off like a great cross between Bastille and Depeche Mode, ‘Tokyo’ has a progressive air about it that keeps the good vibes rolling. ‘Denial‘ is similar, with plenty of energy to spare. Even some calmer tracks like ‘Finish Line‘ have a way of keeping the listener engaged, as the sweet atmosphere lets the energy flow freely but not raucously.

White Lies deliver plenty of anthems and lots of energy in their latest record FIVE, offering a strong record full of drive and fun. Not every track is a climax, but it all adds up to a blissful whole that will having you jamming from beginning to end.

Favorite Track: Kick Me

Least Favorite Track: Jo?

Rating: 74 / 100

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