American Authors - Seasons (Album Review)

An anthem doesn’t necessarily need confidence or certainty, but sometimes, it definitely helps. Sometimes all you need is a sense of belonging, which is what American Authors is after. American Authors‘ energetic and anthemic new record Seasons offers big tracks with even bigger attitudes.

Seasons takes no time to get going. The big, anthemic ‘Stay Around‘ opens the album explosively, offering a funky swagger and a demanding presence (while still keeping things fun and catchy). American Authors do really well at delivering tracks with a captivating flair like ‘Stay Around‘ throughout the album, such as ‘Calm Me Down‘ and ‘Can’t Stop Me Now,’ the latter of which is a dejected but proud track that takes on a more underdog vibe. A similar story is told in ‘Bring It On Home,’ a more upbeat track that really has that proud homecoming vibe to it.

While remaining anthemic from start to finish, American Authors don’t stick to one sound in Seasons. Every song has a special element going for it that defines them from the rest. The choirs that back the bluesy, soulful ‘Deep Water‘ are one example of this, the track’s atmosphere still driven but a bit more glorious than others, too. A bluesy drive compliments the darkness of ‘Say Amen,’ guest Billy Raffoul‘s timbre fitting in perfectly with the rest of the track. NEEDTOBREATHE vocalist Bear Rinehart fits right in with the vibe of ‘Neighborhood‘ as well, the slow indie ballad telling an intimate story. American Authors always have a sense of growing through the record, so even the brief sad moments (namely ‘Before I Go‘) have an important place in the album. Closing track ‘A Real Place‘ is the perfect conclusion, the track’s build going hand in hand with the apparent confidence of the song.

Not all albums start with certainty, but by the end they usually find their way. American Authors find confidence in the electrifying sound of their new album Seasons, delivering anthems while exploring different genres at the same time. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced indie rocker to get your spirits up or a slower ballad to work through your emotions, American Authors have you covered in Seasons.

Favorite Tracks: Stay Around, Deep Water, Say Amen

Least Favorite Track: I Wanna Go Out

Rating: 76 / 100

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