Within Temptation - Resist (Album Review)

Symphonic metal has held its ground confidently for years, and the larger-than-life genre has its artists to thank for its continued success. At the heart of modern symphonic metal is Dutch outfit Within Temptation, who have come to define the genre after years of powerful music. Within Temptation continue to modernize their sound in their dramatic and massive new record Resist, maintaining their core sound while still finding ways to make it fresh.

Within Temptation is a band who never take the easy route, and Resist does not change that. From beginning to end, Resist is full of powerful moments that will simply electrify you. ‘The Reckoning‘ opens the record darkly and with a brooding nature, the crushing atmosphere and energy of the choruses and verses accentuated by a great feature from Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix. This larger than life energy only continue throughout the record, from numbers such as the heavy ‘Endless War‘ to the emotional ‘Mercy Mirror.’ Within Temptation’s emotiveness is a product of the energy, making some tracks more dramatic while others are more convicted; a more dramatic number is ‘Firelight,’ its almost theatrical structure assisted by Arid singer Jasper Steverlinck.

Resist has a lot of heaviness to it, but not too much climax. Nonetheless, the energy drives the record forward, never letting the album reach a lull. The crushing choruses of ‘Raise Your Banner‘ with In Flames vocalist Anders Fridèn brings a massive presence to the record early on, before the sweet melodies of ‘Supernova‘ captivate you above the big instrumental. Within Temptation keep things moving, taking on a more alternative vibe in ‘In Vain‘ while still ensuring the music stays driven, the album ultimately ending on a huge note with the dirty riffs of ‘Trophy Hunter.’

Symphonic metal continues to be a behemoth of a genre today, and with releases like this it’s easy to see why. Within Temptation bring energy and crushing atmosphere in their new album Resist while continuing to modernize and expand their sound, becoming bigger and more dramatic than ever. It’s heavy, but its emotive and driven as well. It’s everything you’d want from a modern symphonic metal record.

Favorite Track: The Reckoning

Least Favorite Track: Holy Ground

Rating: 73 / 100

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