Soen - Lotus (Album Review)

The Swedish metal scene has many hidden gems lying just beneath the radar, and one of those is undoubtedly Soen. Soen know how to combine melody and adventure within their music, and it definitely shows in their new record. In Lotus, Soen’s dark atmospheres and haunting melodies create the perfect soundscape for an fantastic adventure.

Soen has a story to tell in Lotus, but the progression of that story never compromises the heaviness. The album begins monstrously, ‘Opponent‘ offering a dark and heavy atmosphere to kick things off. The real thrill of adventure comes with ‘Lascivious,‘ the great melodies in both the quiet and heavy sections emphasizing the intensity and sensuality of the emotions within the track. Things progress slowly, but with thrill in between: there are slower tracks, including the mellow yet wonderful ‘River,’ but there’s also plenty of energy to explore, like in ‘Penance.‘

Melody and riffs collide in a beautiful way in Lotus. Some tracks have vocals that shine and soar above the rest, such as ‘Covenant,’ which still has a distinct drive in it. Other tracks are thrilling with their heaviness: ‘Rival‘ roars to life late on in the record for some massive energy, and ‘Martyrs‘ has plenty of big riffs to spare. There are also times where the two shine in a distorted harmony: title track ‘Lotus‘ is a prime example of such. The beautiful start leads into a track with great melodies and an electrifying guitar solo. The record ends emotionally, but also powerfully with ‘Lunacy,’ bringing all the beauty back for one final climax.

Packing an adventure into a record is no easy feat, yet Soen have no problem doing so time and time again. Soen bring massive atmospheres and thrilling adventures in Lotus, combining heavy riffs and soaring melodies to deliver one wholly epic experience. It’s a wild rush, from start to finish.

Favorite Tracks: Lotus, Lascivious

Least Favorite Track: Convenant

Rating: 75 / 100

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