Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Throwback Review)

Metal has come a long way since its roots, but even today musicians can still confidently thank Black Sabbath for their contributions to the genre. Metal’s original titans paved the way for generations of metal to come, and it all started with one iconic record. Black Sabbath set the foundations of metal down in their 1970 sophomore record Paranoid.

Many of Sabbath’s most iconic moments are found on this record. This record has plenty to boot, as well: from the opening powerchords of ‘War Pigs / Luke’s Wall‘ that get the record jamming powerfully and right off the bat to the massive ending ‘Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots,’ Paranoid brings huge energy in larger than life ways from start to finish. The metallic, robotic screeches in ‘Iron Man‘ that precede the heavy riffs verify that Black Sabbath knew how to jam, perfectly building tension in an almost cinematic way. Title track ‘Paranoid‘ brings big energy and an iconic riff that set the precedent for all noteworthy riffs that followed.

The deeper cuts are as timeless as the singles. Not every track on the record is a heavy banger: ‘Planet Caravan‘ is a calmer track with a dark atmosphere and haunting guitars, ending with a powerful guitar solo. ‘Electric Funeral‘ also isn’t as dark, but it’s certainly much more brooding with its sludgy drive. Otherwise, the high octane energy and thrill of Paranoid chugs ahead full force with numbers like ‘Hand Of Doom,’ which simply does not stop delivering from start to finish. Even instrumental ‘Rat Salad‘ is full of energy and thrill.

Metal is diversifying more and more every day, both at the root of it all lies Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath’s 1970 sophomore release Paranoid laid the foundations of metal down in an electrifying manner. Little did they know then the behemoth metal would become; but the high octane atmosphere was present from the very start.

Favorite Tracks: Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots; Planet Caravan; War Pigs / Luke’s Wall

Least Favorite Track: Electric Funeral

Rating: 87 / 100

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