Dawn Richard - new breed (Album Review)

R&B singer Dawn Richard has always been driven by her artistry, and her latest project is no exception. Dawn Richard cooly focuses on the modern world in her chill but sensual new record new breed.

new breed has an atmosphere to it that makes sure you stay strapped in for the ride. That ride never gets too bumpy or intense, but your attention stays forward nonetheless. The album begins cooly with ‘the nine,’ great vocal harmonies and melodies making for an enchanting first impression. The melodies continue to shine throughout the record, from title track ‘new breed‘ to the fun closing tracks ‘we, diamonds‘ and ‘ketchup and po-boys.‘ Richard makes her presence known, her vocals always piercing through the mix and demand your attention.

While new breed doesn’t quite have many climaxes, it at least keeps thing fresh by changing up the vibe between each track. ‘spaces‘ has a very spacious atmosphere to it, but a nice pop drive accompanying it. A nice drive follows in ‘dreams and converse,’ keeping some energy going in the record. A funkier vibe is channeled in ‘shades‘ to add even more color to the record. It’s not an album that surprises, but it at least knows to keep things moving.

Dawn Richard focuses on the modern world in her chill but sensual new record new breed, providing a relaxed but still engaging atmosphere to enjoy. There’s nothing that’s provocative enough to really stand out above the rest, but its a solid listen nonetheless.

Favorite Track: spaces

Least Favorite Track: ketchup and po’boys

Rating: 67 / 100

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