Rival Sons - Feral Roots

It’s rare to see a band explode with creativity and ferocity at the same time, yet Rival Sons have accomplished just that with apparent ease. In their new record Feral Roots, Rival Sons explode with energy and groove, showcasing huge riffs, powerful vocals, and more for a huge atmosphere.

Rival Sons take no time to get going. Feral Roots begins explosively with the bombastic intro ‘Do Your Worst,’ bringing energy right from the start of the record, a thrilling riff leading into an equally powerful instrumental. The energy keeps going, taking on a fatter and punchier drive in ‘Sugar On The Bone‘ and more of a folky, bluesy turn in title track ‘Feral Roots.’ The band never lets the energy falter - ‘Back In The Woods‘ brings a raucous, huge rock n’ roll vibe to table, while even at the end of the record tracks like ‘End Of Forever‘ bring a big attitude.

It’s not a simple rock n’ roll with Feral Roots. Rival Sons change up their vibe from song to song, pushing forward with drive but having fun in the process to keep things fresh. Middle Eastern vibes are channeled in ‘Look Away,‘ adding a nice new color to the record. The absolutely massive ‘Too Bad‘ explodes to life with a huge riff and bluesy delivery, the vocals roaring by the end. The vocals on this record are often the shining part of several tracks, including closing track ‘Shooting Stars,’ ending the record on a wonderful vibrato. ‘Imperial Joy‘ brings awesome vibes and huge vocals before the massive build of ‘All Directions‘ leads to a giant climax. Rival Sons have a lot of bite with their bark.

Rival Sons know how to jam and sound good while doing it. In their new record Feral Roots, Rival Sons explode to life with massive riffs, vocals, and energy from start to finish, never missing a step along the way. It’s a huge record from start to finish, and you’ll be jamming thoroughly, too.

Favorite Tracks: Too Bad, All Directions, Imperial Joy, Shooting Stars

Least Favorite Track: Stood By Me

Rating: 82 / 100

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