Polaris Hit No Shortcomings In "The Mortal Coil"

A debut record is very important. It doesn’t necessarily reveal where an artist will go or how an artist will fare in the future, but it establishes roots for a band, and shows the themes and influences that they will continue to expand upon. Polaris hit no shortcomings in The Mortal Coil, their 2017 debut record that not only showed their musicianship but also their ability to get a message across.

Every track on The Mortal Coil feels like it has purpose. ‘Lucid‘ begins the record on a huge note, the immediate pairing of heavy guitars and pounding drums capturing your attention, the trade between screamed verses and sung choruses establishing a formula commonly used throughout the record. Big riffs dominate ‘The Remedy‘ as the energy effortlessly continues tenfold, and at no point does it stop. Polaris don’t let a bit of energy escape in this record. Things range from the dynamic ‘Dusk To Day‘ to the intense, giant ending track ‘Sonder,’ with Polaris giving off different vibes without losing energy.

Each song is like a puzzle piece to The Mortal Coil. They all have their own unique element that keeps them full of power and interesting moments. The electrifying riffs of ‘Consume‘ really stand out when they first hit, while the big chorus of ‘Relapse‘ hits you hard. The rage of ‘Fraility‘ beautifully translates into atmospheric moments during its bridge, while '‘The Slow Decay‘ later on feels like a final cry. This record has purpose in its every moment.

Polaris hit no shortcomings in The Mortal Coil, their debut record that really set the stage for what they have ahead and showed what they’re capable of. There’s energy, diversity, and a whole lot of potential for whatever comes next.

Favorite Track: Consume

Least Favorite Track: In Somnus Veritas

Rating: 75 / 100

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