Rudimental's "Home" Is A Diverse Look Into Dance

Dance music is easily dismissed as high energy, drop-heavy tracks that exist just to groove with. Rudimental proves that wrong in their new record. Rudimental’s Home is a diverse look into dance, delivering a great look at the true spectrum of dance.

Home covers a lot of ground. Title track ‘Home‘ opens the record with a chill atmosphere with bluesy overtones, providing subtle groove to get the record going. ‘Feel The Love‘ with John Newman follows through with a lot more energy, the drive building up powerfully. This song draws from a lot of different genres, including jazz - some nice trumpet action goes on during the end. ‘Right Here‘ with Foxes does some more fun stuff, using guitar as the main part of the drop. Rudimental seamlessly goes between chill tracks like ‘Spoons‘ with MNEK and Syron and high energy tracks like the chaotic ‘Powerless‘ with Becky Hill. They cover a lot of ground.

Rudimental proves that they, and by extension, dance as a genre, is not one-dimensional. Not only are all the tracks diverse in sound but they carry meaning with them, too. The perfect example: ‘Not Giving In‘ with John Newman and Alex Clare. It’s a reflective track that resolves itself in redemption, leaving a powerful and empowering message along. Following the funky ‘Baby‘ with MNEK and Sinead Harnett and the glamorous jazz of ‘Waiting All Night‘ featuring Ella Eyre comes album closer ‘Free,‘ where Emeli Sandé delivers a great performance that brings the album to a freeing end. It’s uplifting, leaving you with a uniquely satisfying feeling.

Rudimental’s Home is a diverse look into dance, offering up a great look at what they and they genre have to offer. It’s a record with deep emotional messages and powerful instrumentals, and while it may come off as serious at times, Rudimental doesn’t forget to have fun with it, either.

Favorite Track: Not Giving In

Least Favorite Track: More Than Anything

Rating: 75 / 100

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