Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist Kush Is One To Watch Out For

Hip-hop is stagnating, and it's up to the smaller, new artists to change it. While there are those who simply latch onto trends in the hopes of making it big, there are the select few who make music not for the fame but for the passion and emotion. That's what New Jersey-based artist Kush is set out to do. The upcoming hip-hop artist Kush is one to watch out for, as his music is full of what hip-hop is missing nowadays: honesty.

Kush only has a handful of tracks released, but each one of them are quality tracks. His most popular is the dark and thankful 'Destiny,' led by a dramatic beat. Kush raps about his family's past, describing what his family had to struggle through and work for in order to survive. It's almost like a comeback story, but the theme of overcoming struggle goes deeper. He starts digging into the people who fake their strength and pretend they live the highlife, whether it be by drug abuse or simple flaunting: "Now that's a long life, but it's a short story / Your excuse is you're an outside thinker, so you're shooting up just to make your outside thicker / Think you're strong enough to break backs, until the drugs die down / Then you can't even break the habit, who's the tough guy now?"

The music isn't all just about upping himself. In fact, that's the last thing Kush is set out to do. Even in 'Destiny,' he doesn't flaunt how he's above the rest. Rather, he raps about how you can't cheat your way through life. Tracks like 'All In' dive right into his real messages, the lowkey beat supporting his lyrics that are all about how he isn't going to stop chasing his dreams. He claims early on in the track, "...I'm here to make music, not to change rap." Throughout the track, Kush describes his goal is to follow his passion not to start a revolution, which is often something many young rappers get lost in trying to do. Kush has his priorities set out straight, and by following these dreams, he may very well up changing the face of rap, if not unintentionally. He certainly has the dynamic to do it, too, showing that he can also spit more angry bars in the Dark Knight-sampling 'Diseased,' where the punchy beat follows his angry bars.

Upcoming hip-hop artist Kush is one to watch out for. His main quality is one even some of the biggest artists in the genre lack: honesty. Kush doesn't try to hide behind delusion or falsities to create his music. He draws from the past and the world around him to make music for the sake of living a dream rather than to chase fortune or fame. He's still plotting new music, and his upcoming tracks will only continue to impress and show more of who he really is. These are the types of artists we have to see, not the ones currently in the game.

Favorite Track: All In

Least Favorite Track: Diseased

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