Bring Me The Horizon Start A Cult In Comeback Single 'MANTRA'

It's been a minute since we've heard from Bring Me The Horizon, who have kept quiet since the end of the That's The Spirit cycle, but they've been working hard on a new record. Bring Me The Horizon start a cult in their comeback single 'MANTRA,' bringing high energy and an alternative catchiness.

'MANTRA' is a pretty safe-sounding song, but it gets the job done. Beginning loud and dynamically with pounding drums and synths, the song kicks right in with an electrifying riff. Oli Sykes keeps close focus on melodies while inviting you to this cult, starting the song by asking: "Do you wanna start a cult with me?" The choruses take off with more aggression, the riffs rolling and vocals soaring. 'MANTRA,' however, doesn't really feel much different from the band's recent singles. It feels like the safe combination of Sempiternal and That's The Spirit, meaning there's a little unique quality missing from it. It's a nice introduction to a new era, but it doesn't really seem to define that era. Perhaps something more is waiting, though; as Sykes shouts in the song, "Before the truth will set you free, it will piss you off."

Bring Me The Horizon start a cult in their comeback single 'MANTRA,' introducing the era with a catchy track that doesn't quite seem to capture this era well. It certainly comes off as the "single" of the record, but where they go from here is yet to be seen.

Rating: 70 / 100

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