Throne Brings Together Metal and Rock In Visceral Eponymous Record

It's easy for artists influenced by a certain era to get trapped in one sound, but that's not a big problem for Throne. The two-brother project is full of raw energy, the music falling somewhere been nu metal and alternative rock but never settling in one spot. Throne brings together metal and rock in their visceral eponymous record.

Throne is primarily the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Derek Trafton, his brother Casey Trafton doing all the drum work on the record. That being said, that brotherly connection definitely helps tie the record together. The tracks with noticeably more dynamic drum parts are definitely some of the most cohesive, like 'Lost In The Lights' with its big drums and alternative vibe. How the songs start on this record is one of the key parts to making the music feel alive; several tracks come up huge with larger than life intros, like the huge start in 'Burn, Baby' and 'Homecoming,' where the big riffs seem to overpower the vocals at times, but the latter end up working more as a function of the instrumental as if it were a progressive song. All in all, Throne ensures that things start big and keep chugging ahead.

Throne draws from both nu metal and alternative rock, but don't let those labels define them. Throne is a diverse record, and though it all revolves around a certain core drive, each song has its unique place within the album. Opening track 'K F L' brings the record a brooding start, its grand alternative drive support by Trafton's fantastic harmonies. Some songs street closer to the heavier side, like the nu metal-reminiscent 'Die Alone' and the bombastic 'Losing Control.' Others let the lyrics tell the story rather than letting the instrumentals deliver the anger, like the cool 'Make It Move.' Trafton's production skills are an important part of the record, too, really shining with the creative elements of 'That's Just Me' with its cool swagger. It all wraps up calmly with the collected ending 'Stranger Things,' taking the record out sweetly yet as if there's still more story to be told.

Throne brings together metal and rock in their visceral eponymous record, making sure to really tell a story with their music, whether it be through the emotions of the instrumentals or the lyrical content. There's something very intrinsically theirs about this sound, even if it doesn't seem to be entirely unique. It definitely captures who they are, which is perhaps just what they needed to do.

Favorite Tracks: That's Just Me, K F L

Least Favorite Track: Losing Control

Rating: 75 / 100

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