Mouse On Mars Explore Distant Places In "Dimensional People"

Everyone has a different idea of how different worlds would look like, and there are literally an infinite amount of possibilities out there. There are, similarly, millions of ways to capture that perfect description of what's on your mind, and music sometimes does just that. Mouse On Mars explore distant places in Dimensional People and build new worlds out of the chaos.

Many of the songs on Dimensional People are parts of a bigger whole, and those parts bring together a certain theme or idea. The first set of songs are the title track 'Dimensional People,' which draws help from The National's Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon, a.k.a. Bon Iver. The trio of tracks are mechanical and minimal, the small pieces working together to make a bigger whole. Parts 1 and 2 are quite minimal, Vernon taking over in Part 3 to put a vocal twist on the end, with vocals almost schizophrenic in nature to add to the weirdly robotic picture. 'Parliament Of Aliens' is another trio of tracks, more diverse than the former. Part 1 is filled with haunting folky instrumentation, while Part 2 has a much more spiraling nature. 

The good part about Dimensional People is that it's more than just occasional chaos and empty noises, like a lot of other experimental electronic records. It actually has a lot of variation and personality, and isn't all just random sounds. 'Aviation' ties together elements of hip-hop and electronic together for a tastefully weird combination. Later on in the record, 'Résumé' has a sort of mechanical, Arabic vibe as Swamp Dogg speaks reflectively, the background giving a very interesting futuristic picture as the vocals tell of a more distant past. It's very interesting and intricate, much more focussed than other artists can put out.

Mouse On Mars explore distant places in Dimensional People, creating weird soundscapes that are just so intricately chaotic that they work very well. It's much more reserved and aimed than a lot of other music that follows under the same genre, and definitely stands up above the rest.

Favorite Track: Parliament Of Aliens, Pt. I

Least Favorite Track: Parliament Of Aliens, Pt. III

Rating: 74 / 100

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