Tinashe Combines R&B With Other Genres Tastefully In "Joyride"

Like trap rap, R&B is getting stale. It's really begging for some changes, as more and more newcomers stick to the same sound. Finally, changes may be on the horizon. Tinashe combines R&B with other genres tastefully in Joyride, bringing together a lot of great sounds to offer up something tastefully different.

You can tell from the start that Tinashe doesn't settle for the standard. After the cinematic intro 'Keep Your Eyes On The Road,' the dark melodies of title track 'Joyride' immediately take over. There's something enchanting about them, the crystalline sound of Tinashe's voice floating freely above the dark instrumental. A moody vibe is explored later on in 'Ooh La La' more in depth, expanding on the sensual nature of her music. Slower numbers 'Salt' and closing track 'Fires and Flames' give Tinashe the outlet for something more intimate and emotional, giving her voice center stage over all else.

The best part of Joyride is the variation. There's a lot of interesting moments throughout the album that really add life to it, like the trap beat of 'No Drama' featuring Offset. The beat pairs nicely with the smooth melodies, giving things a nice chance of pace all the while making something true to her style. 'Me So Bad' explores a poppier side, with Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana there to increase that radio playability. Little Dragon helps produce a much lighter tone in 'Stuck With Me' and adds a bit of a more electronic and indie vibe to it. There isn't really a song that doesn't work out - 'Faded' featuring Future feels pretty repetitive, but even then its not a bad song.

Tinashe combines R&B with other genres tastefully in Joyride, breathing life into a dying genre. It's this sound and willingness to experiment and branch out that can revitalize the genre that's caught up in normalcy. Let's hope Joyride serves as the first real step ahead.

Favorite Track: Joyride

Least Favorite Track: Faded

Rating: 76 / 100

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